Santa Maria Chimney "Candle Holder"

Santa Maria Chimney "Candle Holder"

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Typical chimney of Santa Maria Island, painted in the color of Almagreira Parish.

It's a piece of handicraft, which reminds you of memories, memories of our island, our home, the comfort of the heat, the smells and flavors, the colors of the parish, it's a souvenir of the island, it's from Santa Maria.

Santa Maria handicraft with soul, a reminder of vivid memories of the Parish of Almagreira to take with you anywhere near you.

PRODUCT: Typical Santa Maria Chimney "Candle Holder"
PRODUCT: APDC291000200
TITLE: Typical Chimney of the Island of Santa Maria, in the Parish of Almagreira.
COLLECTION: The "Steam Chimney" Typical of Santa Maria Island.
ARTS & CRAFTS: Handmade ceramics.
CREATIVE ARTISTIC CONCEPT: Create a decorative craft piece but also have an associated utility in itself that conveys feelings.
HISTORICAL FRAMEWORK The "Steam Chimney" or "Steam Chimney", is how this type of chimney is known on the island of Santa Maria, says the story that was inspired by Algarve chimneys, for its architectural features, its history and temporality associating the number of chimneys in the landscape framing all over the island, makes it an icon of Santa Maria. Making it a piece of craft with a soul, a reminder of vivid memories providing a realistic effect of the island anywhere.
COLOR: General white base with details painted in the color corresponding to the parish of the island.
FINISHING: Glossy ceramic glaze.
MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS OF ( L - W - H ) in Inches: (L) 9,5 x (W) 10,5 x (H) 18 cm, possible variation of ± 10%
WEIGHT: 0,270 kg, possible variation of ± 10%
PACKED IN: Packaged and conditioned in a recycled cardboard box.
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