Azorean cloak - blue M110

Azorean cloak - blue M110

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The capote is a piece of women's clothing that was used throughout the Azores archipelago, consisting of 2 pieces made of thick and resistant cloth, dark blue or black.

The capote, the round cape that covers the woman, the capo is the head covering which, to maintain its shape, had to be supported by a bow, this one made of whale bone and hemp lining giving it consistency and maintaining the its shape, on the islands of Faial and Santa Maria the dimensions were larger.

The capote e capelo was a costume that cuts across all social classes, in many situations it was inherited, and sometimes passed from generation to generation and used by the whole family. Its primary function was the coat, although it was also chosen as a complement to the dress of many Azorean brides or Sunday dress.

Over time, the image of the “Azorean woman in capote and capelo” has become an icon of the Azores brand, a historical element of the Azorean social and cultural identity in a piece of handicraft.

PRODUCT: icon Azores Capote-e-Capelo Blue
PRODUCT: APDC292000122
TITLE: The Azorean Woman of Capote-e-Capelo.
COLLECTION: Regional Figure of the Azorean Costume.
ARTS & CRAFTS: Handcrafted Artistic Ceramics
STYLE: Traditional handicrafts from the Azores.
CREATIVE ARTISTIC CONCEPT: Recreate one of the most relevant garments of the Azorean women's regional costume.
HISTORICAL FRAMEWORK Over time, the image of the “Azorean woman in a cloak and cape” became an icon of the Azores brand, a historical element of the Azorean social and cultural identity in a piece of handicraft.
MATERIAL: Earthenware
FINISHING: Glazed ceramic piece.
MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS OF ( L - W - H ) in Inches: Maximum measurements in Length 25 cm, Width 20 cm, Height 10 cm
WEIGHT: - Approximate weight 0.650 kg with a variation of ± 10%
PACKED IN: Packed and packed in recycled cardboard box
AUTHOR José Gonçalves
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