Lourinhã - Gift 025E

Lourinhã - Gift 025E

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Local handicrafts from Portugal, the Gift Card do Coração from Lourinhã, It is the ideal gift to offer a friend or family member. It was with the artisans in mind and popular Portuguese handmade culture that ARTESANATO-PORTUGUÊS gives you the chance to purchase the “Gift Card do Coração” for a dear friend or family member from the heart!

The "Gift Card do Coração" is a gift card that aims to ensure that it offers a handicraft gift made by a craftsman from the County chosen by those who offer it, in this way it is helping artisans and in turn handicrafts and popular culture local.

Validity of the "Gift Card do Coração": The "Gift Card do Coração" is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Can only be used in the Online Store: The "Gift Card do Coração" is only valid in the Online Shop - ARTESANATO-PORTUGUÊS do Coração, and cannot be used in other external points of sale where the “ARTESANATO-PORTUGUÊS do Coração” can be represented.
Exchanges: The "Gift Card do Coração" cannot be exchanged, changed or sold.
Refunds: The "Gift Card do Coração" cannot be refunded, in whole or in part, and must be used in a single act of purchase.
After the expiration date: After the expiration date, the "Gift Card do Coração" is automatically expired and in turn no longer has any effect and without any commercial value and without any right to be refunded.

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